Siemens NX Quick Tutorial: NX Face Selection Intent Rules

By | 08/31/2016

    Siemens NX uses different rules to organize the object selection. It divided to the different subtypes, each of them has an unique functionality, giving an opportunity to select objects by special rules. These options allow you to easily select multiple faces.

    Therefore it is surely important to understand all the selection rules’ subtypes – this knowledge would greatly enhance your work experience, allows you to better manage your interaction with CAD system.

    Siemens NX is utilizing a plenty of selection rules, but I’ve decided to start our journey with the face ones. There are eight face rules, which define behaviour for how faces are selected and remembered, they are:

  1. Single Face – allows you to select a single face. That means two surfaces share a common edge but the adjoining faces are NOT smooth or continuous (until a first G0 condition would be detected);
  2. Tangent Faces – allows you to select a group of faces, that is tangent to each other (it means two faces share a common edge and the adjoining faces are tangent – G1 continuous);
  3. Adjacent Faces – would select all faces, adjacent to selected;
  4. Feature Faces – allows to select all faces, that belong to the specified feature;
  5. Region Faces – allows to select all the interior faces by defining the region face;
  6. Boss or Pocket Faces – allows to select all faces that belong to the specified boss or pocket;
  7. Rib Faces – would select all rib faces;
  8. Slot Faces – the same as the previous one but for slots;

Single Face

NX Single Face Selection Intent Rule

 Tangent Faces

NX Tangent Faces Selection Intent Rule

 Adjacent Faces

NX Adjacent Faces Selection Intent Rule

Feature Faces

NX Feature Faces Selection Intent Rule

Region Faces

 Boss or Pocket Faces

NX Boss or Pocket Faces Selection Intent Rule

Rib Faces

NX Rib Faces Selection Intent Rule

Slot Faces

NX Slot Faces Selection Intent Rule


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