Siemens NX Short Tip: How to obtain a real-time analysis results in the Graphic view?

By | 09/13/2016

    This article was inspired by the topic started at message board. The user asked the community if it is possible to see a real-time mass properties in the NX Graphic Window. By default NX supports associative measurements and PMI’s which show related values in the Graphic Window. Unlike PMI, associative measurements need to be selected in the Part Navigator to show a value on the screen.

Siemens NX Associative Measurement

    PMI updates automatically when associated objects change their positions.

Siemens NX PMI

    But what should we do if it’s needed to show some properties directly on the screen and they should updating in real time if the model changes? It is possible to use PMI Note to show any Attribute or Expression of the current part.

    For the instance: let’s create a part, where the PMI Note would be referenced to the volume measurement.

Siemens NX PMI Referenced to the Measurement

    Go to the Analysis tab and expand the More menu by left-click on it.

nx measure body analysis

    Select the Measure Bodies feature and select the target solid body to analyze. Do not forget to check the Associative option on the feature menu.

Siemens NX Measure Bodies

     This will create an associative Body Measurement in the Part Navigator.

Associative Body Measurements in Siemens NX

     Click on it in the Part Navigator and expand the Details panel under the main Part Navigator window. If you check it thoroughly then you will find the parameters which are defines all measurements.

nx details

    For an instance: I need to show a real-time body mass in the Graphic Window. In that case it’s neccessary to remember the name of the connected parameter – p90.

    The next step: click on the PMI tab and launch the Note feature.

 Siemens NX PMI Note

    Under the Symbols list select the Relationships category and click on the Insert Expression button.

Siemens NX Expressions

    Select the desired expression name and click Ok. Place the Note in the current part. Now the associative PMI Note is linked to the Body Measurement.

Siemens NX PMI Info

    Now try to modify the part by using the Move Face feature. It will change nothing, because the Body Measurement feature (that is connected to the Note) has higher position in the Part Navigator tree than the Move Face feature. Now drag and drop the Body Measurement under the Move Face.

NX Part Navigator Tree

    The PMI Note will updates since the parameters of the Body Measurement were changed.

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