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Very quick and short NX hints!

Siemens NX: Add a precise Weight Value in the Assembly Navigator

By | 07/11/2017

By default it is possible to show the mass property directly in Assembly Navigator window. Of course, you have to pick the related Save option beforehand. The Generate Weight Data option (if turned on) forces NX save the weight data along with other information. Calculated mass saves in the NX parameter (usually MassPropMass or something).… Read More »

NX Drafting: Fake Dimensions

By | 12/28/2016

    This article is concerned with a manner of creating so-called “fake” dimensions in NX drafting. Sometimes it’s needed to manually override a dimension value to make it easier for manufacturing. Following this manner you can create the dimension based on a part geometry, but then override it accordingly to manufacturing needs.      The main… Read More »

Siemens NX Drafting: Creating cylindrical Dimensions using Baseline

By | 12/28/2016

    In NX drafting it’s possible to use a baseline as an object to define  cylindrical or half-cylindrical dimensions. It’s important to select  the input objects in the right order.     If a baseline is selected as the first object, NX calculates the dimension as a distance between the baseline and point, multiplied… Read More »

Jet Hint: Display View Borders in NX Drafting

By | 12/20/2016

     By default NX would display a view border for each view on a current sheet. This behaviour could be changed by editing NX drafting settings.     Go to Menu —> Preferences —> Drafting (see the picture):      Under the View group select Workflow and tick the Display checkbox:     Click Apply… Read More »