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NX Drafting: Fake Dimensions

By | 12/28/2016

    This article is concerned with a manner of creating so-called “fake” dimensions in NX drafting. Sometimes it’s needed to manually override a dimension value to make it easier for manufacturing. Following this manner you can create the dimension based on a part geometry, but then override it accordingly to manufacturing needs.      The main… Read More »

Siemens NX Drafting: Creating cylindrical Dimensions using Baseline

By | 12/28/2016

    In NX drafting it’s possible to use a baseline as an object to define  cylindrical or half-cylindrical dimensions. It’s important to select  the input objects in the right order.     If a baseline is selected as the first object, NX calculates the dimension as a distance between the baseline and point, multiplied… Read More »

Jet Hint: Display View Borders in NX Drafting

By | 12/20/2016

     By default NX would display a view border for each view on a current sheet. This behaviour could be changed by editing NX drafting settings.     Go to Menu —> Preferences —> Drafting (see the picture):      Under the View group select Workflow and tick the Display checkbox:     Click Apply… Read More »