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Siemens NX: Add a precise Weight Value in the Assembly Navigator

By | 07/11/2017

By default it is possible to show the mass property directly in Assembly Navigator window. Of course, you have to pick the related Save option beforehand. The Generate Weight Data option (if turned on) forces NX save the weight data along with other information. Calculated mass saves in the NX parameter (usually MassPropMass or something).… Read More »

Siemens NX Short Tip: How to obtain a real-time analysis results in the Graphic view?

By | 09/13/2016

    This article was inspired by the topic started at Eng-Tips.com message board. The user asked the community if it is possible to see a real-time mass properties in the NX Graphic Window. By default NX supports associative measurements and PMI’s which show related values in the Graphic Window. Unlike PMI, associative measurements need to… Read More »

Siemens NX Quick Tutorial: NX Face Selection Intent Rules

By | 08/31/2016

    Siemens NX uses different rules to organize the object selection. It divided to the different subtypes, each of them has an unique functionality, giving an opportunity to select objects by special rules. These options allow you to easily select multiple faces.     Therefore it is surely important to understand all the selection rules’ subtypes – this… Read More »

Journey to the Neutral Formats: JT

By | 08/28/2016

    JT is a 3D data format developed by Siemens PLM Software (formerly UGS Corp.) and is used for product visualization, collaboration, and CAD data exchange. It can contain any combination of approximate (faceted) data, boundary representation surfaces (NURBS), Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), and Metadata (textual attributes) either exported from the native CAD… Read More »

Journey to the Neutral Formats: IGES – Use or Avoid?

By | 08/24/2016

    IGES (Initial Graphic Exchange Specification) is initially a CAD vendor-neutral exchange format for 2D/3D data exchange. A plenty of CAD/CAM systems are using it to provide the digital exchange.     The official title of IGES is Digital Representation for Communication of Product Definition Data, first published in January, 1980 by the U.S.… Read More »