NX Drafting: Fake Dimensions

By | 12/28/2016

    This article is concerned with a manner of creating so-called “fake” dimensions in NX drafting. Sometimes it’s needed to manually override a dimension value to make it easier for manufacturing. Following this manner you can create the dimension based on a part geometry, but then override it accordingly to manufacturing needs.

     The main option for dimension overriding lies deep in the Settings menu. Thus click on your dimension, choose Settings —> Text —> Format, here tick the Override Dimension Text checkbox.

Assign Fake Dimensions in NX Drafting

    Then click on the “A” button and in the next window insert the value you need.

Assign Fake Dimensions in NX Drafting

    Surely, this workflow is not fairly rapid, thus it’s looks reasonable to put into a practice the another way. Type “Edit Text” in NX Command Finder field and press Enter. The searching result should look as shown on the picture below.

NX Drafting Edit Text Command

    Assure you’ve selected the second feature – Edit Text (edits the text and settings of annotations) or go to Edit —> Annotation —> Text while in drafting module).

    This feature works selfsame as previous feature do, but without additional clicking and options discovering. In the next window select the dimension and type a new value.

Edit Text Annotations in Siemens NX Drafting

    These steps are always help you to assign a fake value to any NX drafting dimension.

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