Siemens NX: Memory Access Violation Error – Is there any Solution?

By | 02/13/2017

    I can bet my bottom dollar, that you ever experienced a situation, when Siemens NX shows you such message. It is a really common NX error, but there is a quite simple and handy solution (but I can’t give a 100% guarantee that it will work in your specific case, but it worse trying).

     NX stores the dialog window’s settings in the DialogMemory.dlx file. Because of it, next time you open the specific dialog it loads with the values and setups which were used the last time. Dialog memory file becomes bigger as you using more and more features and from time to time it becomes too big. It could possibly lead to some NX errors, such as memory access violation. In that case you have to delete it.

    To locate the file you need to find the Unigraphics Solutions folder. It usually located at ‘C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Unigraphics Solutions\<Your NX Version>\DialogMemory.dlx.’ If you ain’t have enough rights to access it, ask your local administrator to delete the file.

    Additionaly, if you don’t need to save the dialog window states between sessions, you can change the related setting in the Customer Defaults: go to File —> Utilities —> Customer Defaults —> Gateway —> User Interface and toggle off the Save Dialog Memory between Sessions option.

Siemens NX Memory Access Violation Solution

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