Siemens NX 11 ‘Swept Volume’ as a most anticipated modeling Feature

By | 08/17/2016

    I’ve decided to post here a brief review of the most anticipated (at least for me) NX 11 feature which called Swept Volume.

    Use the Swept Volume command to sweep a solid body along a path using various options to control the orientation of the tool with respect to the path and either subtracts it from or intersects it with a target body.

Siemens NX 11 Swept Volume

    You can specify the orientation of the tool body along the path using the Sweep Orientation option.

NX 11 Swept Volume Feature NX Helix Path Swept Volume

A tool body:

  • Must be a single solid body.

  • Must not have any through holes, blind holes or internal voids.

  • Axis must intersect the tool path within the bounds of the tool body.

  • Must be created from analytical geometry.

  • Must be created as cylindrical or revolved from an axis that represents the tool axis or a sphere.

Examples of tools for planar or non-planar paths.


A tool body for planar paths may also contain:

  • Non-analytical geometry.

  • Concave faces.

  • Concave edges forming a stepped staircase profile.

Examples of tools for planar paths only.


according to materials provided by Siemens PLM.

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