Siemens NX Quick Tip: The full list of NX Shortcut Keys

By | 08/17/2016

    All of us at least once were annoyed by mouse clicking. It takes so many time to launch a command using a mouse – at first you have to atomize your attention to grope after a mouse on the table, then you need to find an icon on a toolbar, move a cursor on it and finally launch a command. It is possible to make it faster by using shortcuts. Siemens NX utilizes a plenty of keyboard shortcuts and supports manual shortcuts binding. You can make your work process more clear and comfortable by adding your own keys or by learning the default NX shortcuts.

    First of all let’s find out how to get a list of all shortcuts available for the current NX application. There are two ways:

  • Type ‘Shortcut Keys’ in the command finder
  • Go to Menu -> Information -> Custom Menu -> Shortcut Keys
The Full List of Siemens NX Shortcuts

The Full List of Siemens NX Shortcuts

    Do not forget that it is also possible to define your custom shortcuts. To do this go to File -> Customize or press down Ctrl + 1.

Siemens NX Customize UI

Siemens NX Customize UI

    Once in Customize you have to select the Shortcuts tab and click on the Keyboard button.

Customizing Shortcuts in Siemens NX

    In the next window you would be able to bind your custom keyboard shortcuts to almost any action in NX.

Siemens NX Customize Keyboard

    Everyman are usually utilize about 15-20 features during their everyday work, so it is not such a big deal to remember the shortcut for each.

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