License Status – An Extremely handy FlexLM/FlexNET Status Viewer Tool

By | 11/07/2016

     A few days ago I found a very interesting utility which is called License Status. I’ve tested it and it turns out to be a really helpful tool for all Siemens PLM administrators and users. To my shame, I’ve never heard about it before.

    This tool is actually has a pretty simple and clear UI, making it extremely simple to get an information from the desired FlexNET license. If you are familiar with FlexNET licensing you possible had using an lmutil tool to collect the needed information from your corporate Siemens NX license server. If so, then you possibly faced a need to analyze the output information from console. The default lmutil lmstat output is as follows:

lmstat lmutil default output

    It uses raw text, which is hard to analyze.

    License Status tool provides nice and clear server stats:

    flexnet license tool viewer

    All that needed – is to define Port and Hostname for FlexNet license server. You could also check a few servers in realtime. This application is quite fast and simple.

    The official project page –

    Great thanks to the application developers.

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