Siemens NX Licensing – Remove a Single User’s License for a specified Feature

By | 11/08/2016

     Sometimes we come up against a situation where user is running Siemens NX on a node that crashes. In that case the user’s license sometimes remains checked out and becomes unavailable to other users.

     One able to solve such accident using a set of utilities provided by Flexlm. The needed utility is called lmremove, it utilizes a simple interface for check-out the feature from the defined user host. already mentioned a very handy tool for FlexNet monitoring – License Status. This utility basically uses the next command prompt string to get a needed output:

lmutil lmstat -a

    This request will give you a raw output, which is hard to analyze. Tharefore I recommend you to use the utility, it gaves the same results, but in the nice and clear format.

    Let’s see the usage of lmremove utility. It basically has two main sets of arguments:

  • lmremove [-c licfile] feature user host display
  • lmremove [-c licfile] -h feature serverhost port handle

    For an instance:

lmutil lmstat -a has gave an output as follows:

"ADV5XMACH" v29.0, vendor: ugslmd, expiry: 1-jan-0
floating license

Johnny johnny-lt johnny-lt.0.0 (v29.0) (licserver/28000 4731), start Tue 11/8 7:18

    In this instance:

  • ADV5XMACH is for a feature name;
  • Johnny is for user;
  • johnny-lt.0.0 is for display;
  • 4731 is for handle;
  • 28000 is for port;
  • licserver is for serverhost;
  • johnny-lt is for host;

    To check-out current feature from user host you have to execute the following:

lmutil lmremove -c 28000@licserver ADV5XMACH Johhny johnny-lt johnny-lt.0.0


lmutil lmremove -c 28000@licserver -h ADV5XMACH licserver 28000 4731

These commands will remove the specified features from license server.

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