Siemens NX Licensing – A Complete PLM Licensing Guide

By | 10/25/2016

    A complete Siemens PLM Licensing Guide was uploaded to our website. You can download it using the following link – Siemens NX Licensing Guide (PDF, ~1 Mb) .

    FLEXnet Licensing is a software licensing package that allows a software application to be licensed on a concurrent usage basis, as well as on a per-computer basis. FLEXnet licensing for this software application is known as Siemens PLM Software Licensing. Siemens PLM Software Licensing license server has its own installation. For details on installing and starting Siemens PLM Software Licensing, please refer to the installation guide. Siemens PLM Software Licensing features include the following:

  • Operation in a heterogeneous network of supported computer systems.
  • Transparent reconnection of an application when its license server process becomes unavailable, including conditions of license server node failure.
  • Ease of configuration with a single license file per network.
  • Configuration controls for system administrators.
  • Administration tools for system administrators.
  • Independent features from one or multiple vendors with independent vendor security codes, including the following: Floating licenses Node-locked licenses Counted licenses Optional license expiration dates Vendor-definable fields for each application feature
  • License management on redundant and multiple server configurations for improved license availability.

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