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About      Hello, Dear Visitor!

     My name is Alex and I’m the author of CADabout.ru. I am a design engineer in the russian engineering consulting company located in the city of Voronezh. I’m using Siemens NX since 2010 and Siemens Teamcenter since 2013.

 I have collected some training materials, methodics and workarounds over these years and would like to share it with the NX community. I am not pretend to be a huge NX specialist or an ultimate truth, but I believe that my modest experience could be useful for someone. I’m thoroughly checking posts before publication, but you should be noticed, that since I’m not that person, who’s called ‘guru’, there are possible mistakes. I am open to any suggestions, so please contact me in case of you’ll find any inconsistencies. By the way, I’m not a native english speaker, so also grammar/spelling mistakes are possible, thank you for the understanding,

     This website runs out of pockets, that means I’m not affiliated with Siemens PLM or other software vendors. CADabout.ru is sponsored by Google Ads, therefore it is a coercive measure to show ads to visitors, so please regard it with favour.