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Siemens NX: License Bundle Components – What they are for?

By | 03/14/2017

     Here I have collected some of the NX licensing components with their short meanings. Gateway – is a Base NX Module; NX Open Grip Execute – allows you to execute GRIP applications NX IGES/DXF/STEP – are the neutral formats translators; NX 2D Exchange – 2D translators; NX Rapid Prototyping – gives you tools… Read More »

Siemens NX Licensing – Remove a Single User’s License for a specified Feature

By | 11/08/2016

     Sometimes we come up against a situation where user is running Siemens NX on a node that crashes. In that case the user’s license sometimes remains checked out and becomes unavailable to other users.      One able to solve such accident using a set of utilities provided by Flexlm. The needed utility… Read More »

License Status – An Extremely handy FlexLM/FlexNET Status Viewer Tool

By | 11/07/2016

     A few days ago I found a very interesting utility which is called License Status. I’ve tested it and it turns out to be a really helpful tool for all Siemens PLM administrators and users. To my shame, I’ve never heard about it before.     This tool is actually has a pretty… Read More »

Siemens NX Licensing – A Complete PLM Licensing Guide

By | 10/25/2016

    A complete Siemens PLM Licensing Guide was uploaded to our website. You can download it using the following link – Siemens NX Licensing Guide (PDF, ~1 Mb) .     FLEXnet Licensing is a software licensing package that allows a software application to be licensed on a concurrent usage basis, as well as on a per-computer… Read More »