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Siemens NX: Add a precise Weight Value in the Assembly Navigator

By | 07/11/2017

By default it is possible to show the mass property directly in Assembly Navigator window. Of course, you have to pick the related Save option beforehand. The Generate Weight Data option (if turned on) forces NX save the weight data along with other information. Calculated mass saves in the NX parameter (usually MassPropMass or something).… Read More »

Siemens NX: Cannot Find Java Virtual Machine Issue and the Solution

By | 05/03/2017

This problem usually appears if there are some problems with your system environment variables concerning Java. It is pretty simple to resolve, you just have to check whether your variables are correct. To open the list of environment variables follow Windows Control Panel –> System –> Advanced System Settings –> Environment Variables. Check through the list… Read More »

Siemens NX: License Bundle Components – What they are for?

By | 03/14/2017

     Here I have collected some of the NX licensing components with their short meanings. Gateway – is a Base NX Module; NX Open Grip Execute – allows you to execute GRIP applications NX IGES/DXF/STEP – are the neutral formats translators; NX 2D Exchange – 2D translators; NX Rapid Prototyping – gives you tools… Read More »