Solidify Engineering – Engineering Outsourcing Project from

By | 07/26/2017

Hello guys! I’m now into running a new project – The Solidify Engineering. What is it and why (I guess) it would be interesting for your business? Solidify is an open engineering outsourcing project. We offer a wide range of engineering services, include consulting, solid/surface/sheet metal modeling, technical support, creating of training materials and other. I… Read More »

Siemens NX: Cannot Find Java Virtual Machine Issue and the Solution

By | 05/03/2017

This problem usually appears if there are some problems with your system environment variables concerning Java. It is pretty simple to resolve, you just have to check whether your variables are correct. To open the list of environment variables follow Windows Control Panel –> System –> Advanced System Settings –> Environment Variables. Check through the list… Read More »

NX Learning Edition and NX Academic Edition: The Opportunity for Students and Scientists

By | 03/01/2017

    It is not a secret, that Siemens PLM is loyal for those, who are currently studying at universities and beginning their way into engineering. Thus, Siemens PLM provides those categories of people with Siemens NX Software licenses.     There are two different versions of NX are available: NX Learning Edition and NX… Read More »