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WAVE Geometry Linker: FIX at Current Timestamp Option and Manufacturing Workflow

By | 12/06/2016

    Our today tutorial will be dedicated to the quite handy WAVE-linker option which is called Fix at Current Timestamp. To make this tutorial more clear and simple to understand it will be illustrated from the application end – we will create a blank geometry from the solid part for NX CAM project.  … Read More »

Siemens NX Short Tip: How to obtain a real-time analysis results in the Graphic view?

By | 09/13/2016

    This article was inspired by the topic started at message board. The user asked the community if it is possible to see a real-time mass properties in the NX Graphic Window. By default NX supports associative measurements and PMI’s which show related values in the Graphic Window. Unlike PMI, associative measurements need to… Read More »