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WAVE Geometry Linker: FIX at Current Timestamp Option and Manufacturing Workflow

By | 12/06/2016

    Our today tutorial will be dedicated to the quite handy WAVE-linker option which is called Fix at Current Timestamp. To make this tutorial more clear and simple to understand it will be illustrated from the application end – we will create a blank geometry from the solid part for NX CAM project.  … Read More »

Siemens NX Tip: Shuffle Random Color

By | 07/28/2016

In this article we will discover a way to paint all part faces/bodies in random colors. At first we should switch NX to the Random Color Display mode. Therefore go to File -> All Preferences -> Visualization, or simply press Ctrl + Shift + V. Under the Color/Font tab open the Random Color list of… Read More »

Siemens NX Tutorial: Top-Down Design using ‘Create New’ Feature

By | 07/26/2016

    Today we will speak about the Create New command which located under the Assemblies tab. This command creates a new part file for the selected geometry. It considers a part of co-called ‘Top-Down Design Methodology’. Using this feature allows you to: Copy an existing geometry to a new part file; Create an empty part file;… Read More »