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License Status – An Extremely handy FlexLM/FlexNET Status Viewer Tool

By | 11/07/2016

     A few days ago I found a very interesting utility which is called License Status. I’ve tested it and it turns out to be a really helpful tool for all Siemens PLM administrators and users. To my shame, I’ve never heard about it before.     This tool is actually has a pretty… Read More »

Siemens NX Licensing – A Complete PLM Licensing Guide

By | 10/25/2016

    A complete Siemens PLM Licensing Guide was uploaded to our website. You can download it using the following link – Siemens NX Licensing Guide (PDF, ~1 Mb) .     FLEXnet Licensing is a software licensing package that allows a software application to be licensed on a concurrent usage basis, as well as on a per-computer… Read More »

Siemens NX: Customizing the ugii_env.dat file

By | 08/22/2016

    At first I have to say a few words about ugii_env.dat: NX utilizes a pretty felicitous variables-based settings. It history traces back to Unix-based systems. Older NX versions used ugii_env.dat file, but now both ugii_env.dat and ugii_env_ug.dat are in use.     During a launching, NX initializes all environment variables through the ENV_ug_init() function. On the whole,… Read More »

A few Words about Siemens NX MRs (Maintenance Releases) and MPs (Maintenance Packs)

By | 07/28/2016

    Maintenance Packs (MPs) are smaller patches installed on top of Maintenance Releases (MRs). The newest MR should include all fixes that were issued with the previous MR’s.  The newest MP should include all the previous MPs fixes.     A Maintenance Release is a significant and quality release.  Updates to the technical documentation are… Read More »