Siemens NX: Add a precise Weight Value in the Assembly Navigator

By | 07/11/2017

By default it is possible to show the mass property directly in Assembly Navigator window. Of course, you have to pick the related Save option beforehand.

Siemens NX Generate Weight Data

The Generate Weight Data option (if turned on) forces NX save the weight data along with other information. Calculated mass saves in the NX parameter (usually MassPropMass or something). Be sure that you’ve assigned the materials on the solids you have in a work part. You could also visualize this parameter in the Assembly Navigator window. It is only needed to turn on the desired column:

Siemens NX Customizing Assembly Navigator Columns

NX truncates this value up to 4 decimal places. In some cases users need to see a more precise mass property. Thus I can offer you a small work-around.

As I said before, NX stores this value in the related attribute. The first thing you need is to define which parameter utilized for that meanings. Therefore go to File –> Properties –> Attributes tab and check through the parameters list:

Mass Properties in Siemens NX

This value is much more precise than the one, shown in the Weight column of the Assembly Navigator. We will use this value to display instead of truncated one.

Right click on the Assembly Navigator header and select Properties. Then proceed to the Columns tab and scroll down to the last option called Attribute:

Siemens NX Mass Properties

In the Attribute field type the name of the desired parameter, in my case it called MassPropMass. Done! Now the Assembly Navigator will show the precise mass value.

Siemens NX Custom Mass Attribute

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