Siemens NX Tip: Shuffle Random Color

By | 07/28/2016
The Results of the Shuffle Random Color Operation

Shuffle Results

In this article we will discover a way to paint all part faces/bodies in random colors.

At first we should switch NX to the Random Color Display mode. Therefore go to File -> All Preferences -> Visualization, or simply press Ctrl + Shift + V. Under the Color/Font tab open the Random Color list of options and check the Random Color Display checkbox.

NX Visulization Preferences

    Then select whether Faces or Bodies would be paint to a random color and click Ok. Objects of the selected type will be painted in a random colors.

Shuffled Color Bodies

    If you want to shuffle the colors once again, then type ‘Shuffle’ in the Command Finder and press Enter. NX will give you a list of commands. Click on the Shuffle Random Color button and colors will be shuffled once again.

Siemens NX Shuffle Random Color Operation

Shuffle Random Color

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