Non-associative Views in NX Drafting (Snapshot option)

By | 01/26/2017

    Sometimes it is essential to copy a view from one part file into another. It is not a best practice or even a recommended workflow, but it could be handy in some cases. For an instance, I use the described method to obtain previews for manufacturing documentation.

    The basic approach of drafting in NX is the master-model conception, which assigns a primary importance to a part geometry. It means that all drafting views have to be associated with a particular geometry and stay up-to-date with it.

    For an instance, we have a view_1, created in the part1.prt file, which is associated to the model. In the second file part2.prt there are no any geometry, only drafting sheets. The challenge is to copy view_1 from the part1.prt to the part2.prt. 

    The first thing to do is to turn on the Snapshot option in the view_1 settings. This option is to show view as a set of non-associative extracted edges. If turned on, a view will not be updated from a model until the option is on.

    Double click on a view name in the Part Navigator to open the Settings dialog. Under the Common tab click on the Configuration and activate the Snapshot option (see the picture).

Siemens NX Snapshot in Drafting

    The next step is to copy current view by clicking RMB and selecting the Copy.

Copy Views in Siemens NX

    Open the target part2.prt, activate the Drafting module (if needed), and press Ctrl + V on a keyboard. The view_1 will be copied into part2.prt as extracted edges with all dimensions and notations.

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