Siemens NX: Convert Part Units

By | 02/01/2017

    In our company we have situations when our customer uses a different measurement system, therefore some difficulties are encountered. As I always used a metric system, sometimes it’s a big pain for me to work in inches: analyzing dimension tolerances and so on are varies and as a rule I decide to convert such parts to millimeters.

    Let’s see how to convert part units from millimeters to inches.

Siemens NX Convert Part to Inches

The Original Part

    Go to Start –> Siemens NX –> NX Tools –> Command Prompt. The NX command prompt will appear.

Siemens NX Command Prompt

In the command prompt type ug_convert_part -in (replace “in” with “mm” in case you wish to convert to millimeters) and drag and drop your .prt file into the command prompt window. Press Enter on your keyboard and wait for a while.

Siemens NX Converted Part

    Next step is to open the part file and check if units were changed successfully.

Inches Units in Siemens NX


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