PTC Windchill: Corrupted Cache Recovery

By | 02/09/2017

    Sometimes Windchill local cache may have corrupted and all current work will be lose. It could happen due to many reasons. Usually the files are still on the HDD, but accidently disconnected from the Database. Frequently these files are still available and can be recovered. You can find a recovery solution by contact PTC support, they provide you with a rename table, so you have to manually rename all cache files according to this data. It is an annoying and monotone work which could be automated.

    Windchill caches data in a special manner: it creates files, prefixed with “lid” or “sid“, but pay attention, that “lid” prefixed files are these, which were not synchronized with Windchill database, while “sid” files are vice versa.

    These files are contain a header, which is able to provide you with the original Creo part filename. Try to open any of it in a text editor and you will see it. The main idea of cache recovery automation is about parsing these file in order to find the string, containing original filename.

    Fortunately the PTC Community had already automate the recovery process by creating some special utilities. You can check them using the following links:

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