Siemens NX 11: Initially scaling a Sketch

By | 08/15/2016

     A common sketch workflow is to initially sketch a shape and then add driving dimensions to control the size. In previous releases, if the first driving dimension caused a large change, the overall shape of the sketch changes. NX now provides an automatic and manual scale method to sketches.

    When you add the first distance, radius, or diameter driving dimension, NX automatically scales the sketch to that value while maintaining the overall shape and inferred geometric constraints.

Sketch Auto Scale

    The sketch is only scaled once. The next dimension you add or modify acts like any driving dimension.


  • Your sketch must contain only simple geometric constraints, such as those that NX can infer. To find the constraints that NX can infer, open the Inferred Constraints and Dimensions dialog box.

  • The sketch preference Scale on First Driving Dimension must be turned on.

  • Drafting sketches cannot contain 2D components.

  • The sketch cannot contain geometric constraints to external curves, edges, or datums.

  • The sketch cannot contain recipe curves.

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